10 Tips for Avoiding Halloween Candy Binges

It’s that time of year again. Fall, or as we like to call it, Uncontrollable Candy Eating Season. We kick off this festive season with Halloween, break out the fat pants at Thanksgiving, then celebrate with reckless abandon at Christmastime. Top it off with hot, sugary lattes, wine and spirits, festive pastries, social gatherings, and all that wonderful, terrible comfort food that tastes so good and yet makes you feel so guilty.

If you find yourself struggling to maintain your weight or stick to your healthy diet and exercise routine this time of year, you’re definitely not alone. We’re pretty sure the fall/winter holidays are the reason why “Lose Weight” is the #1 New Year’s Resolution every year.  :/

So hang in there, stay strong, and in the meantime here are 10 Tips for Avoiding Halloween Candy Binges!

1. Work out.

The more you continue with your exercise plan, the more your body will crave healthier foods and water. Plus you’ll be in the frame of mind of healthiness. (Also you’ll be burning lots of fat and calories, so if you do cheat a little, it won’t be so devastating.)

2. Wait to buy candy.

Try and wait till as close to Halloween as possible to buy your candy. That way you’ll have it on Halloween (and hopefully share with friends and trick-or-treaters) and then you’ll be done with it.

3. Buy candy you don’t love.

If your spouse, kids, or roommates like candy that you don’t especially like, buy that candy. Then you’ll be less tempted to partake.

4. Store it out of sight.

Let’s remember the old adage, “Out of sight, out of mind” when it comes to Halloween candy. As cute as Halloween candy displays are, store it in a jar in the cupboard and you won’t have a constant reminder of its presence.

5. Chew gum.

Sugarfree gum is a low-calorie way to temper your sweet cravings and stave off that hunger feeling. It’s also been shown to lower stress.

6. Keep eating healthy.

Even if you indulge in some sweet treats, stay on course with the remainder of your diet. Eat a healthy breakfast, lunch and dinner, and have healthy snacks on hand. Make sure you’re eating every four hours and get a good balance of healthy protein, fat and GOOD carbs (fruits and veggies and whole grains) to keep your insulin stable.

If your coworkers often bring sweets to work, arm yourself – make sure you have healthy snacks at your desk or go for a walk break! (See #8)

7. Stay hydrated.

Sometimes thirst can disguise itself as hunger. Drink lots of water (the rule of thumb is half your body weight in ounces, so if you weigh 200 lbs, aim for 100 oz of water per day). Hot tea is a good option for staying hydrated while getting a little sweet fix in. Try some sweet herbal teas for a sugar-free, calorie-free treat.

8. Take walk breaks.

Ever get the afternoon slumps? A lot of people end up eating something they wish they hadn’t to get through the rest of the day. Instead, take a 10 minute walk break – it will refresh and invigorate you and help you avoid fake-hunger!10 Tips for Avoiding Halloween Candy Binges

9. Savor one piece of candy per day.

If you simply must have your candy, allow yourself one small treat per day. But be careful, gobbling it up will only make you want more. Have a seat, get comfy, and take your time, savoring each bite until it’s gone. Then drink some water and be proud of yourself!

10. Give yourself permission to waste.

Candy is the one food item you should be able to throw away without any guilt whatsoever. So whether you eat your favorite part of a treat (say, just the cake part of a cupcake) and then throw the rest away, or you end up throwing the whole lot out after Halloween, do NOT feel guilty. You’re not wasting food or throwing out anything that your body needs.

Bonus Tip #11: If you do have more Halloween candy than you intended this year, offer yourself compassion and forgiveness. Just admit, “Well, I didn’t want to do that, but it sure tasted good” and then get back on track immediately! (Don’t wait until “tomorrow or Monday” – there’s always the next meal to get back on track.)

Need some encouragement to stay the course this Halloween? Join us at The Haute Room for some awesome fat-burning workouts and positive reinforcement!

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