A Year in Review: The Haute Room 2014-2015

A Year in Review: The Haute Room 2014-2015You may have noticed that The Haute Room celebrated its first anniversary in June, marking one year of improving healthiness, fitness, and HOTness in Orange County.

We celebrated with a radical 80s style party, complete with cold-pressed juice, fun treats, and – you guessed it – killer workouts by our Haute instructors. (Check out those leotards- eat your heart out, Olivia Newton-John!)

We are so proud of our first year in business and cannot wait to see what lies in store for THR in the upcoming year.

We couldn’t have done it without our tireless instructors and YOU, our devoted members! From the bottom of our hearts, we THANK YOU for a wonderful year – we hope The Haute Room has encouraged and inspired you, as you have with us!

A Year in Review: June 2014 to June 2015


We are so excited at how quickly our brand and message has grown, thanks to word-of-mouth referrals from happy Haute members, the undeniable transformations that Lagree Fitness produces, and all the local events we have sponsored or community groups we have been involved with in the city of Tustin and Orange County, including:

  • Dino Dash
  • Leprechaun Leap 5K
  • OC Fair Scavenger Hunt
  • Tustin Tiller Days
  • Beckman High School
  • Pioneer Middle School
  • Ladera Elementary School

Word has spread so quickly that within just 6 months of our Grand Opening, The OC Hot List ranked The Haute Room in its Top 5 Pilates Studios in Orange County!


A Year in Review: The Haute Room 2014-2015Over the past year we have held several Transformation Contests with our Haute members. We have been so proud of their hard work and incredible results. What’s even more impressive are the members that have continued their transformations long after our contests have ended. Way to go, Haute guys and gals!

As promised, THR has held several mixers, open houses, and themed classes to build community and get to know one another better. Those have included 50 Shades of Lagree, Lorna Jane Trunk shows, and our 80s themed anniversary party, to name a few. We look forward to more THR events this year!

Our Haute members are very active and supportive on our social media platforms, which makes everything more fun and engaging!


A Year in Review: The Haute Room 2014-2015Two of our Haute instructors have become Haute Mamas in the past year: Tamao welcomed a baby girl this spring, and Stephanie was blessed with twins in January! Congratulations, ladies!

Again, we are super thankful for the success of our first year – all because of the hard work and dedication of our owner Lacy Travis, our amazing Haute Team, and our loyal members. Let’s continue to grow as individuals, a team, and a community in our next year and beyond!

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