Best Wedding Workout in Orange County

Best Wedding Workout in Orange County

Best Wedding Workout in Orange CountyYou’re getting married! Congratulations! Your wedding day is one of the most important days of your life. You’ve probably dreamed about it your whole life.

You’re likely steeped in invitations, flowers, venues, dresses, cakes, food, DJs, and guest lists. But now more than ever you should be thinking about your mental and physical well-being as you lead up to this hugely significant day. Not only that, but we want you to ROCK that wedding gown, girl!

Every bride wants to feel stunning and sexy on her Big Day. While we are certain you’ll look drop-dead gorgeous no matter what, we’d like to help you along by giving you the best damn wedding workout in Orange County.

Lagree Fitness at The Haute Room will give you a lean, slim, tight body — no bulk. It provides women with a fit and feminine look for the ultimate elegance as you KILL IT in your white dress.

Lagree Fitness lengthens, strengthens, tones, and tightens like no other workout. It’s high-intensity and low-impact, so you don’t have to worry about getting injured. You’ll have more energy to wear out your high-heels and dance the night away!

It’s a full-body conditioning workout performed on the Megaformer M3S, inspired by the traditional Pilates Reformer.

On the Megaformer:

  • You set the resistance. Options range from 8 lbs to 150 lbs — up to you!
  • No other equipment required.
  • No prior knowledge required.
  • Your instructor will provide modifications when you need them, so no worries if you’re a newbie!

Check it out here:

If you do Lagree 3-4 times a week, we are confident within just a few weeks you’ll start to see your body transform! And trust us, it will provide MAJOR stress relief while you plan your wedding day, too!

Best Wedding Workout in Orange County | The Haute Room

There’s a reason Sofia Vergara does Lagree. She’s in her 40s and has never looked better!

Lagree Fitness at The Haute Room will prepare your body for the Big Day:

Arms & Shoulders — slender, toned

Core: Abs & Butt — tight, toned, slim

Get rid of your underarm flab, your muffin top, back fat, whatever — and tighten up your abs and booty. You’ll leave everyone breathless — especially your groom!

Our workouts are 50-minutes long and will hit every muscle group in your body. Every workout is different, so you won’t plateau or get burned out. You can expect to burn around 600 calories per class, and keep on burning fat and calories over the next 24-48 hours as your body recovers!

Don’t have time for a 50-minute workout? No worries! We now offer Lunch Lagree classes — just 25 minutes! Each one targets a different zone (upper body, lower body, and core) so if you come three times per week, you’ll hit every part of your body.

Join us today for the best wedding workout in Orange County! Check out our schedule and sign up for a class today!

Get 2 Weeks Unlimited for just $69!

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