Look Good & Feel Great. Fitness & Beauty 101

Do you know what we love most about THR? Well, everything! But the greatest part is feeling and LOOKING our best after a good sweat. I know you think you may not ‘look’ your best after a heart-pumping workout but it is true! Your beauty is in direct correlation with your fitness. Health researchers now have […]

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Slim down secrets

Slim Down Secrets

Slim down secrets. They are easier than you think. The Haute Room and Aura Avenue team up for the best Slim down secrets. Drink more water. Believe it or not most of us do not get enough water in each day. Our favorite slim down secret is H20. Most of us are chronically dehyrdrated. Every […]

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The Haute Room #auragetshaute

“It’s over.” Break up with your Fitness Routine.

“It’s over.” Sometimes this saying associates with dark memories for us, other times a sigh of relief and a weight off our shoulders. A breakup isn’t in our comfort zone as human beings. We are wired to try to fix things and ‘make it work’ until every last bit of us is tried. But what if it’s […]

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Aura Avenue Lagree

Three Muscle Groups Lagree works best

Three muscle groups Lagree works best. Why we love the Lagree Megareformer. The Abs. Lagree and the core, where we all want wash board abs, a tight tummy and a slim waist line. The opposite of what most of us probably did to ourselves over the holidays.( No judgement here, we ate our fair share(and […]

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Why Men Hate Group Fitness Classes

Go into any group fitness class anywhere in the U.S. and you’ll most likely find far more women than men. Now, I’m sure there are some exceptions, but by and large, group fitness classes are predominantly female-led and female-attended. This may have something to do with it: (Disclaimer: This video may scar you for life. […]

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Food Allergy vs Intolerance vs Sensitivity

We’re all about overall health over here at The Haute Room — mind, body, and spirit. We care not only about fine tuning the outside of the body, but the inside as well. None of us like to admit it, but it’s true that perhaps the most important key to the success of your exercise routine […]

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Sleep and Weight Loss - Is it Really That Important?

Sleep and Weight Loss – Is it Really That Important?

Do you struggle to maintain your weight? Do you have trouble controlling your hunger, or crave too many “forbidden foods” throughout the day? Do you have trouble concentrating or focusing during the day? Or perhaps you feel like you’re doing everything right, and yet you just can’t lose that last [email protected]#$% X-number of lbs you’ve been […]

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Lagree Fitness in Yorba Linda

Sebastien Lagree is at it Again

Just to prove to you that Lagree fitness is here to stay, and that it is onto something no other workout has been able to achieve, and it’s not some ridiculous fad like this: Caution: nothing you are about to witness makes any sense whatsoever. Sebastien Lagree, founder and creator of Lagree Fitness and the […]

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Best Cross Training for Runners

Best Cross Training for Runners

Runner’s World magazine says Lagree is one of the fitness classes all runners should take! Running is an excellent exercise, offering a number of great health benefits. Contrary to popular belief, running is not bad for your knees. Matter of fact, running actually increases bone mass and helps prevent bone loss from aging. (source) Running does not […]

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Summer is Here! Get Your Body Beach-Ready!

It’s summertime! Ready to break out your swimsuit and hit the beach? If that thought makes you want to run and hide in your closet, don’t worry – get started with Lagree Fitness and in just a few short weeks you’ll start seeing real changes that will leave you wanting more! There aren’t too many […]

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