“It’s over.” Break up with your Fitness Routine.

Has your fitness routine expired?
“It’s over.” Sometimes this saying associates with dark memories for us, other times a sigh of relief and a weight off our shoulders. A breakup isn’t in our comfort zone as human beings. We are wired to try to fix things and ‘make it work’ until every last bit of us is tried.
But what if it’s time to say those two words and move on from your fitness routine this season? Follow the guidelines below to recognize if you have a need for CHANGE and the steps to follow after.


Pre-breakup: The signs.

You are just simply uninterested. The things you used to do just aren’t fun or enjoyable anymore. Your comfort zone isn’t being pushed.

Slacking and dropping out of scheduled dates. You skip out on scheduled workouts or training sessions, even when you’ve paid for them.

You’re avoiding a trainer, gym buddy or instructor at the gym. You go to the gym when you know you won’t be hassled by friends or trainers you used to work out with. They may even be slimmer or have gained a ton of muscle mass during the time you’ve slacked which makes you even less excited to meet up with them.

You feel sluggish. You’ve been tired during the week, your not eating right and you don’t make time to focus on your health because it takes all of your energy.

Plateaued weight. You are stuck 10lbs above or below and even though focusing on the number isn’t what matters, you know you could be making effort to love yourself more and push yourself to be your best.

You feel pressured to join a league, go to a class or a gym just because it’s what everyone else in your household, friend circle or co-workers do. You end up spending more time and money with less satisfaction.

Making the call: “It’s over.”

Break up face to face. Hold yourself accountable best by not texting, not emailing and not just unsubscribing from your routine or fitness program. This will keep the reasons behind your breakup clear and give the other side/party more respect for you no matter the outcome. Write down your reasons and say them out loud before you go to the studio or to your trainer and part ways.

Transparency & honesty are best for a guilt free breakup. Be honest no matter the circumstance. If you can’t afford a price increase, if you found another gym you like better, if you found a new trainer you like better! Don’t be afraid to give real reasons to make a full cut.

Commit to a full breakup and a plan for what your goal is once you move on. Starting with a renewed mindset and a positive affirmation that you are doing what is best for YOU.

Post-breakup: What’s next for your fitness routine?

Stay focused on your health & needs. Make a commitment to YOU and what you need in your weekly/daily life to feel healthy. Whether that is 30 minutes running around the block and doing a backyard workout, yoga in the AM, a juice to start your day.

Don’t let others pressure you into anything you don’t want to do or can’t afford. Ultimately you are in control and the ball is in your court. We all can afford to be healthy so don’t get stuck on numbers when a studio may have all your needs to a full body workout in an hour vs a gym that you aimlessly move around and take 2x longer to get done.

Explore your options before making a long term commitment. There are so many great new programs and studios that are out there. THR always is evolving and have expert instructors to keep our studio fresh. Each session is different and a new challenge for our customers.

Let us know what you’ve done to change your routine up in the past and new workouts you’ve tried or fallen in love with!

Watch our newest #FITFAM members @AuraAvenue and their journey with a new fitness routine at @TheHauteRoom. #AURAGETSHAUTE


Stay true to your needs, be happy, be challenged, have a tangible goal and commit to a healthy YOU inside and out!



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