Why are we called The Haute Room?

Why are we called The Haute Room?Ever wonder why a business chose the name they did, or how they decided on their name? More often than not, a business name is not just an arbitrary choice; it usually represents something meaningful to the company – even if that meaning is not evident to outsiders.

Why are we called The Haute Room? 

For us, settling on “The Haute Room” was significant – and a pretty easy choice, too. Here’s why:

One. “Haute” is a French word, meaning fashionably elegant, high-class, high-toned, or fancy. We couldn’t think of a better word to capture our essence. Visit our Tustin Ranch studio and you’ll immediately see what we mean. Our space is stunning. Modern, clean, uncluttered, and beautifully decorated with colors and décor to inspire and motivate the full-body transformations we specialize in.

Not only that, but we specialize in the Lagree method of fitness, which draws a crowd of people who are serious about meeting their fitness goals. Whether they are new to exercise or elite athletes, Lagree Fitness has something of incredible value to offer them.

Lagree provides the motivation of a group atmosphere with the individuality of a personal trainer. With resistance options ranging from 8 lbs to 150 lbs on the latest-model Megaformer (the M3S), you can set your own pace and your own goals without fear of judgment or pressure to keep up with or surpass any of your classmates.

Two. Haute is actually pronounced like “oat”, but people often make the mistake of calling us The Hot Room. Believe it or not, that was actually an intended (and welcome!) consequence for us. Not only is our Lagree studio fancy and high-class, but it’s HOT – in more ways than one!

First off, we promise to have your sweat glands working overtime. You won’t find a group fitness studio in Orange County that provides a more challenging full-body workout in just 50 minutes. You can expect to burn around 600 calories per class – and KEEP burning fat and calories for another 24-48 hours!

And second, we pride ourselves on being a place for transformations of body and mind. You’ll push yourself to new limits in The Haute Room, giving you a stronger, more positive mental state and a hotter (stronger, leaner, more toned, more flexible, more balanced) body than you ever thought possible!

So come on and join us at The Haute Room!

Need some more convincing? Give us a call or stop by our beautiful Tustin Ranch studio to check us out!

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