Couples Who Lagree Together, Stay Together

It’s February, the month of cupid and romance and Valentine’s Day and love. We at The Haute Room want to celebrate Valentine’s Day by honoring one of our favorite Haute couples!

The Couple that Lagrees Together, Stays Together

Meet Greg and Soraya, our February Haute couple.

Meet Greg, 44, and Soraya, 49. They’re from Irvine. Greg and Soraya both work in sales, so they’re used to putting in long hours and traveling for work. They totally understand the challenge of getting to the gym regularly, but they also know the amazing benefits when you find a workout as addicting as Lagree!

Greg and Soraya have been members at The Haute Room for one year now, and they’d like to share with you how The Haute Room has changed their lives for the better!

Here’s our Q&A with them:

Q: How did you hear about THR?

A: From our neighbor! (Editor’s note: Best. Neighbor. Ever.)

Q: How did you stay in shape prior to The Haute Room?

A: We were members of LA fitness.

Q: Did you work out together?

A: Yes, occasionally we took a spin class or lifted weights together.

Q: How often do you sweat at THR?Couples Who Lagree Together, Stay Together

A: Twice a week!

Q: What do you like about the classes at THR?

A: (from Greg) The small group classes force you to be accountable by showing up and keeping up with the rest of the class. The instructors keep a close eye on you. In the weight room at the gym, there’s more opportunity to skip reps and cut your workout time. (Your secret is out, Greg!)

Q: What do you love most about THR?

A: The teachers, atmosphere, and attitude.

Q: What about The Haute Room vibe?

A: (from Greg) There’s always music on when you come in and the instructors are always inviting. Watching the previous class finish up in the last couple of minutes of their class is always motivating…pumps you up, and helps change your attitude about “not feeling it”.

Q: What are your favorite exercises?

Couples that Lagree Together, Stay Together

Super Lunge!

Soraya: Squats and Super Lunge

Greg: Army Crawl and Super Lunge (see pic >>)

Q: Why do you like the Super Lunge?

A: It’s a heavy move including every muscle in your body…making you feel strong.

Editor’s Note: We have personally witnessed how Greg and Soraya have mastered exercises they were not even able to complete a year ago – and some of these are exercises they now consider to be their favorites!  

Q: What do you love most about the Lagree Method practiced in THR?

The Couple that Lagrees Together, Stays Together

Plank to Pike

A: The class is continuously challenging week after week.

Soraya’s continuous challenges are Plank to Pike (see pic >>) and push ups. “These are not the same kind of planks and push ups you and I can do at home. Holding a plank, coming up to a pike, or doing a push up on the M3S is so much more challenging when you have to stabilize the carriage at the same time.”

Q: In what ways have you seen your bodies improve in the last year?

A: (from Greg) Strength and flexibility. I feel better each morning when getting out of bed. My joints and back feel much better since taking the class.

Couples Who Lagree Together, Stay Together

French Twist

Q: What are your “Love to Hate” exercises? 

#1: French Twist – “In the strapless challenge, we accomplished the exercise doing it the right way with our obliques without the assistance of the back strap. (see pic >>)

#2: Dancing Bear

Q: Has THR improved your lives in ways besides physical fitness? If so, in what ways?

Yes! We are more active outdoors and are more motivated to reach our goals professionally. When you feel good about yourself physically, you continue to carry that positive attitude towards everything you do.

Q: What advice do you have for other couples that stay fit together?

If you are thinking of trying something new that is challenging both physically and mentally, this class is definitely something to consider doing together. It will not only change how you look, but it will also change how you feel!

A big thanks to Greg and Soraya, as well as all our other Haute couples!

Need something romantic to do on Valentine’s Day? Come to The Haute Room and get in a great workout together. We can’t think of anything sexier!

Couples Who Lagree Together, Stay Together

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