HIIT “haute-style”


HIIT is interval cardio training arranged as short bursts of extremely hard work. Furthermore, High-Intensity Interval Training is centered around producing massive amounts of energy and W O R K while ramping up the intensity of your cardio in the (generally short) “on” period, and recovering in the “off” period…ah yes, “interval”.  In fact, to qualify as true HIIT, you’ll need to push yourself to your max during every set

On a scale of 1-10 with 10 being an all-out, balls to the wall, giving it everything you didn’t think you had level of intensity, we want to see you hovering around 9. Hence, why the sets are short-ish…anywhere from 20-90 seconds, typically.  HIIT is the opposite of long-distance running, where you ration your energy in order to sustain the activity for a longer period of time. For those of you who have sweat through Haute Lagree before…I feel your palms sweating, right now.

At HAUTE LAB | Pop-up we want two things from you: commitment and intensity.

Time and time again, studies have shown that consistently working at your best, and permitting sufficient rest which allows you too, is key to maximizing improvements AND crushing goals (aka skyrocketing your metabolism, regulating insulin levels, losing body fat, getting that beach bod, and winning). Let us be real, if we’re going to show up, nothing but your best work…best form…best and most controlled breathing should be tolerable.  Giving it your all, and then giving it more, is how we improve and how we improve correctly.  Accepting less is how we cheat ourselves and how we get hurt.  I mean, all exercise helps burn fat by burning calories, but more intense exercise burns more fat.

Working harder = higher oxygen intake = greater calorie burn.  

Studies have shown that HIIT workouts raise your metabolic rate to the point where you continue to burn calories even after the workout!

Compared to many other cardio workouts, high-intensity interval training is a more effective way of getting…shredded. This is because HIIT routines involve strict-form body-weight work as well as weight training and dynamic movements with kettle bells, dumbbells, and medicine balls.  These high-intensity routines produce dramatic improvements in your cardiovascular fitness as well strengthen and tone due to tremendously controlled work on top of a spiking heart rate.  Therefore, HIIT will improve your endurance, it will compliment your strength development, and ultimately it will help you gain lean muscle. 

Taking breaks is an essential part of HIIT training

To work at your best, you need to be there. If you do not take the time to recover, you are not high-intensity interval training…you are high-intensity training.  The rest periods are necessary to prepare the body to perform at its maximum output each set.  Also key, is recovering before your next set, forcing your body to repeatedly acclimate between two very different states very quickly which provides excellent cardio conditioning.  It also forces your body to adapt from the high-intensity period to the low- intensity (recovery) period in HIIT, which results in a high caloric burn leading to increased fat loss. 


Tabata training a style of HIIT, and to be clear it is not intended to be a walk in the park! I think that should go without being said, but I said it!  Tabata in true form is 20 seconds of all out work followed by 10 seconds of rest.  You complete the specified sets for each move, and then move on.


Here’s what you need to know:

Aerobic cardio training includes long, lower impact activities like “Lagree”. Yay!
Anaerobic cardio training includes fast, intense activities like “HIIT, haute style”. Double yay!

Cardio encompasses more than a long run or spin class…it includes strength training, circuit training, interval training, ahem…, HIIT, Lagree.  Sh*t, walking up your stairs with groceries can be considered cardio, I mean, sorta. Think of your body as a hybrid vehicle with two engines. One is aerobic and requires oxygen, and the other is anaerobic and does not require oxygen.  Both engines are always active but depending on the duration and intensity of your work, one will work harder than the other.


Circuit training a form of body conditioning that involves endurance, resistance, high-intensity and body weight training all performed in a circuit.  It targets strength building and muscular endurance.  A circuit is complete when you have finished all the exercises…until the next set.  Traditionally, the time between the exercises within the set are short–time to hustle, ladies and gents.

HIIT “haute style”

 So, why are we calling it HIIT “haute style”?  We believe in Lagree. We love the Megaformer, but we also have a love/hate relationship with “cardio”. So, we want to bring different types of cardio to our HAUTE LAB! We want to utilize various effective forms of cardio and partner it with Lagree to see what happens. We are so excited to see the results and can’t wait to sweat with you!












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