Improve Your Yoga Practice with Lagree

Improve Your Yoga Practice with LagreeWe always say that Lagree Fitness is the perfect compliment to any existing exercise routine. From elite athletes to fitness enthusiasts, all the way to weekend warriors and even couch potatoes, we live and breathe believing that Lagree Fitness will be beneficial to your life.

Today we’re going to address all the yogis out there. If you’ve done yoga for any length of time, you’re probably hooked. It feels so good, right?! We think that’s one of the reasons yogis love Lagree – very similar addictive qualities! 🙂

But every yogi has those poses they wish they could master. Those poses that make it reeeeeeally hard to practice acceptance and non-judgment, the ones that frustrate the living chi out of you. If you’re ready to go deeper in your yoga practice, try Lagree! It may just be the perfect thing to put you over the edge.

How does Lagree help with Yoga?

Lagree fitness targets all 5 of the essential elements of physical fitness, namely:

  • cardiorespiratory endurance
  • muscular strength
  • muscular endurance
  • body composition
  • balance

When you are developing all of these, you’re in damn good shape. And lucky for you, Lagree is one of the only exercises known to man that combines all these into one 50-minute workout, PLUS a few more: core strength and flexibility, and mental health.

Obviously strength, endurance, and balance are key to a solid yoga practice – but we believe that those last two are what really cinch it for yogis. You especially know how important core strength, flexibility, and mental health are too! Name one yoga posture that doesn’t require a strong core.

When you practice Lagree, you’ll be able to hold postures with more proper form, go deeper into poses that require more flexibility, hold challenging poses for longer, and enter a meditative state more readily during your practice.

Check out this short video by Dallas, TX yogi and Lagree instructor Jenny Bradford, in which she demonstrates a few Lagree movements that can seriously improve your yoga practice:

Join us at The Haute Room to improve your yoga practice with Lagree!

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