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Lagree Fitness Studio in Tustin Ranch

Welcome to The Haute Room! Tustin Ranch’s Premier Lagree Fitness Studio

Lagree Fitness Studio in Tustin RanchWant a workout that keeps you excited to go and motivated to stick with it? Need a workout that’s constantly changing so you never plateau? Ready for a workout that enables you to monitor your own level of resistance and challenge with each session?

You’ve never done a workout like this before.

What’s The Haute Room?

Why, only the best place to be in Tustin Ranch!

The Haute Room is a group fitness studio in Tustin Ranch that uses the Lagree method of fitness. We are a community of fitness enthusiasts from all walks of life. We are ready to meet you where you are, find out what YOUR fitness goals are, and do whatever we can to help you achieve them. Click here to meet our team.

At The Haute Room you will be encouraged, and supported to push your body to new limits – where transformation happens! It’s a place free of judgment and criticism. Leave your problems at the door and be refreshed every time you’re here!

The result? It will change your body, your mind, your attitude, and your self-worth in ways you never imagined.

Join us at The Haute Room today! View our Schedule and sign up for your first class!

What is Lagree Fitness?

“The Next Evolution in Physical Fitness”

Lagree Fitness was developed by Sebastien Lagree. It is a low-impact, high-intensity workout that works every muscle group in your body to failure during each 50-minute workout.

The equipment? Lagree uses the Megaformer, which has been described as a cross between the Pilates Reformer and the Total Body Gym. The Megaformer uses resistance and counter-resistance with hundreds of slow, controlled movements geared toward addressing every element of total fitness and well-being:

  • Cardiorespiratory Endurance
  • Muscular Strength
  • Muscular Endurance
  • Body Composition
  • Core Strength & Balance
  • Mental Health

We are the only studio in Orange County that uses the latest version of the Megaformer, the M3S! 

There is something very addicting about this workout. You’ll sweat, your body will tremble, and you’ll leave feeling exhausted…and ready for more!

The beauty of Lagree is that it’s challenging but not impossible; fun but not easy; master-able but never boring. You’ll burn around 600 calories during this workout (hard to achieve that with any other workout!) and the best part is, you’ll continue to burn fat and calories for the next 24-48 hours as your body recovers!

Want to learn more? Visit our FAQ page and call with any additional questions you may have! (714) 425-9407

Lagree Fitness Studio in Tustin Ranch

Lagree fitness is for everyone. If you’re already in shape and looking for a new challenge, it’s for you. If you’re bored with going to the gym and stepping on the elliptical day after day, it’s for you. If you’ve never worked out a day in your life and you’re ready to turn over a new leaf, it’s for you!

Don’t feel like you have to be in shape already to do this workout – trust us, if you stick with it, it will GET you in shape! Most people start to see results within just a couple of weeks.

We invite you to try Lagree Fitness with us. Meet you at The Haute Room!

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