Three Muscle Groups Lagree works best

Three muscle groups Lagree works best.

Why we love the Lagree Megareformer.

The Abs.

Lagree and the core, where we all want wash board abs, a tight tummy and a slim waist line. The opposite of what most of us probably did to ourselves over the holidays.( No judgement here, we ate our fair share(and more) of cookies too)

So long are the days of just being “thin”.(Thank God booties are in) Women want a tight body, everywhere and that starts with the core. Lagree is known for it’s intense core muscles and tight middle formation.

The core moves in three ways, sagittal(front to back), rotational (turning around to slap your children in the back seat) and frontal (twerking basically). The Haute room focuses on these three planes, supporting your spine and preventing injury, while working out or doing things at home. Keeping these in shape and healthy is crucial, not only esthetically but physically.

The Obliques.

No one wants or likes a muffin tip. Maybe to eat( gasp) but never to wear, or be embarrassed of. Large focuses on the external obliques. It is great to have a six pack but we do need to external obliques to also prevent injury. Several techniques the Haute Room focuses on is known to melt that muffin top right off, the right way.


The Caboose.

Most women spend hours doing squat after squat. Squats work three muscles, quadriceps, hamstrings and glutes. While these are great to work, and often, most women want a more defined behind. Women( and men) are looking for a defined toned, tight toosh. Squats can often build the legs in addition to the booty, which if form is done incorrectly, muscle can build in places we do not always want.

Lagree Megareformer work your three largest muscles groups best by tightens, lifts and tones, not just the gluteus maximus but the entire core and hips and inner thigh. This type of exercise is perfect for those looking to train hard, without adding bulk or prevent injury.


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