Pilates Studio in Orange – The Haute Room

Ranked in the Top 5 Best Pilates Studios in Orange County by the OC Hot List!

Pilates Studio in Orange - The Haute Room

Ready to be challenged with an incredible full-body workout that will transform your body like nothing else?

If you’ve been searching for the perfect workout to accomplish your fitness goals, you’ll find it all in one place: at The Haute Room.

Lagree fitness at The Haute Room is a 50-minute Pilates-inspired workout that will get your heart-pumping, your muscles trembling, the sweat pouring, and the calories burning!

  • Get leaner
  • Lose weight
  • Tone up
  • Burn fat
  • Get stronger/flexible/balanced/fitter
  • No plateaus
  • Improve your athletic performance
  • Stay motivated
  • Relieve stress
  • Feel and look great
  • LOVE your workout

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Lagree fitness was created by fitness guru Sebastien Lagree. He was inspired by the traditional Pilates Reformer to create a workout that was superior in every way.

At The Haute Room, you’ll perform each workout on the latest model of the Megaformer, the M3S. The Megaformer has hundreds of exercise combinations possible, which eliminates the risk of burnout and prevents plateaus.

The Megaformer can also accommodate resistance options ranging from 8 lbs all the way up to 150 lbs! Your experienced Lagree instructor will offer modifications and challenges for each movement during your class, ensuring you get the most out of your time at The Haute Room.

Pilates Studio in Orange – The Science

Lagree fitness uses resistance and counter-resistance measures to work your body’s slow-twitch muscle fibers to failure, which is where transformation happens! Each 50-minute workout targets every muscle group in your body, and produces results like you’ve never seen.

Lagree isn’t just a fad. It’s backed up with real results and Science!

Take a look at these real-life Lagree transformations!

There are 5 key components to physical fitness:

  • Muscular endurance
  • Muscular strength
  • Cardiorespiratory endurance
  • Body composition
  • Flexibility

Lagree fitness incorporates ALL of these elements into each 50-minute workout, and adds two more: Core strength and Balance, and Mental health! We are talking about a workout that is unparalleled in what it can achieve.

If you’re looking to lose weight, get stronger and leaner, improve your athletic performance, take your fitness to the next level, break through a plateau, or just change up your fitness routine – Lagree will provide what you need. It’s the perfect compliment to any existing exercise routine, and great as a standalone activity too!

At The Haute Room, expect to be challenged and pushed to meet your fitness goals. We have fun, and our environment is a positive, judgment-free zone, but we take our health and fitness seriously too! So come get the most out of your time and money by joining the Haute community today! We look forward to meeting you!

Pilates Studio in Orange – The Haute Room

We invite you to join us at The Haute Room today! Call with any questions you have, or stop by our beautiful Tustin studio to check it out! See you at The Haute Room! 714.425.9407

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