Pilates Studio in Tustin

Pilates Studio in Tustin

The Haute Room Features Pilates-Inspired Workouts on the Megaformer M3S Machine

Pilates Studio in Tustin Looking for a Pilates studio in Tustin? We invite you to check out The Haute Room!

Ranked in the Top 5 Best Pilates Studios in Orange County

Our group fitness studio focuses on Lagree Fitness routines. We offer a 50-minute full-body workout, performed on the Megaformer machine developed by Sebastien Lagree and inspired by the traditional Pilates Reformer.

Lagree will be different than any Pilates class you’ve attended, but it’s a fun, challenging variation and an amazing workout every time! If you enjoy Pilates, you’ll LOVE Lagree Fitness at The Haute Room!

Who is Lagree for?

Lagree Fitness is for anyone who wants to be challenged. No matter your size, weight, or fitness level, male or female, young or old, you can benefit from Lagree Fitness. It’s a full-body, low-impact, high-intensity workout.

Is it too easy/hard for me?

Your Megaformer M3S machine can handle resistance levels ranging from 8 lbs all the way up to 150 lbs – your choice! No special knowledge is required – your Lagree instructor will guide you through the class and ensure you’re doing the exercises properly. The Megaformer is built for ease of use and provides seamless transitions from one exercise to another.

This is a challenging workout to be sure. Our instructors will push you to reach your goals and your potential. We know where change happens (we’ll give you a hint: it’s beyond your comfort zone). But if you’re ready to reach new limits, it doesn’t matter whether you’re new to fitness or an elite athlete – Lagree is the perfect workout for you.

How many exercises?

There are hundreds of exercise combinations available on the Megaformer! But don’t worry, they all build off three essential moves, which you’ll learn quickly. The great part is, with so much variation, you can count on a different workout every time, which eliminates boredom and prevents plateaus!

Does it work?

Depends on what you’re trying to accomplish. If you want to get more fit, yes. If you want to get stronger and leaner, yes. If you want a more toned, sculpted body, yes. If you want to torch calories and fat, yes.

Okay…yes, it works!

You can expect to burn around 600 calories per class (in case you didn’t know, that’s more than almost any other 50-minute workout will give you) and since we work every muscle group in your body to failure, you continue burning fat and calories for another 24-48 hours!

No, this isn’t just another fitness fad. Lagree is the next best thing in physical fitness. It has the results AND the science to back it up. No wonder hot celebs like Sofia Vergara love Lagree!

Pilates Studio in Tustin – The Haute Room

Pilates Studio in Tustin Ready to jump start your fitness, reach new heights, and transform your body? Check out our Schedule and sign up for a class today. Once you see results, you’ll be hooked!

Feel free to give us a call with any questions you may have, or stop by and check out our beautiful Tustin facility. (714) 425.9407

See you at The Haute Room!


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