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About The Haute Room

If it doesn’t challenge you, it doesn’t change you.
Commit to change at The Haute Room!

You will sweat, you will quiver, you will become stronger and you will leave craving more!

We are dedicated trainers that will take your body to the point where change happens. It is our goal to make YOU the best version of YOU.

We are a community that supports you free of judgment. We will respect you, push you, and motivate you. We will remember your name and hold you accountable. We will not let you limit your challenges – we will push you to challenge your limits.

The Haute Room experience is powered by brilliant instructors. We are high energy in a small group setting. We believe in strength in numbers and are dedicated to turning your goals into reality. We will encourage you to leave the stresses of everyday life at the front door. We understand the importance of a healthy mind – we want you to enjoy your life, take risks, learn, be creative and try new things. “The heaviest weight to lift is the weight of a negative mind,” so let go and give yourself the 50 minutes that YOU deserve.

Science doesn’t lie and neither do we. We will push you for a short 50 minutes, taking your muscles to failure. Then, you must trust in recovery and let your body rest and rebuild. We promise you will get an intense full-body workout –  like intense workout , cardio workout and strength workout not only in every class, but in every move.

We are the first studio in Orange County with the latest edition of the Megaformer, simply known as the M3S.

There is something to be said about the buzz of a stunning space. Our facilities are immaculate and beautifully decorated.

 F U E L .

MEND water is the ultimate in health and hydration…..and we offer it complimentary to our clients. Developed using the latest technology in the purification and enhancement of water, MEND is a highly sophisticated, ultra pure, PH balanced water that delivers electrolytes, organic trace minerals, and alkalinity to your body as it needs it most. Every sip counts.

C R A V E   I T.

Haute Apparel is high-class, high-toned fashion designed by The Haute Team and is now available for purchase. Clients are getting addicted and sweaty in Haute Apparel. Find your motivation in your favorite THR (The Haute Room) gear. Stay casual, comfy, and sexy, in any haute body.
Also available are a variety of grip socks by Toesox, Toezies, Sticky be Socks, Studio Sox, and Shashi.

BKR water bottles are the perfect accessory to bring to class in The Haute Room. Fill your bottle and your haute body with alkaline water. safely. Each bottle has it’s own inspiration and purpose. BKR bottles are glass + silicone, BPA-free, and phthalate-free. Small opening for no-spill sipping, perfect no-leak seal, dishwasher safe and 100% adorable + addictive.

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