Our Team

Our Team

Lacy : Owner



Lacy Travis has always lived a very active lifestyle, participating in dance, volleyball, basketball, and track in her youth. As a young professional, she found herself immersed in a corporate real estate career but always knew a passion of hers wasn't being fulfilled.

Five years ago, Lacy discovered Lagree and the Megaformer. She was instantly hooked and became determined to share this unparalleled workout with others and change lives by the hundreds. Within months she received her Lagree certification and began working toward opening her own studio in Orange County.

Everyone who knows Lacy agrees her love for life, happiness, and self-improvement is infectious and should be bottled up to share with the rest of the world! Lacy is genuine, raw, and appreciates everyone for who they are. She has a gift for finding something positive in the gravest of situations. She will push you to be the best version of yourself, and is dedicated to making every one of your fitness dreams come true.

Lacy believes that “If your dreams don’t scare you, they aren’t big enough!” Dream big, and push yourself! You have one shot at life, so make it count! See you at The Haute Room!

Mimosa Luong : Instructor

Mimosa Luong


Born in Los Angeles, and raised in Orange County, Mimosa is a graduate from UC Irvine. Mimosa has many hobbies including photography, playing piano, long distance running and Ariel.

She stumbled into her first Lagree class 5 years ago, thinking it was just a traditional Reformer Pilates class. Boy, was she wrong! By the end of class, she was a sweaty mess! After a few days of being sore, she was ready to do it all over again. She took two classes a week, which slowly turned into five to six classes a week. She was addicted! She loved that the Lagree Method not only made physical changes to her body, but also had other benefits as well - more endurance for her runs, and more flexibility and strength for when she did aerial silks.

Mimosa decided to further her addiction and become the little fiyaahcracka she is. Don’t let her petite size and harmless appearance fool you. She will challenge you and motivate you to push yourself outside of your comfort zone all while she is cheering you on being your biggest fan!

Alyssa McCormick : Instructor

Alyssa McCormick


Alyssa was born and raised in the small-town of Canfield, Ohio, where she spent her youth as an avid, competitive dancer, cheerleader, gymnast and soccer player. Her athleticism followed her to college, at The Ohio State University, where she studied Dance and began her fitness career studio managing and teaching Lagree Fitness at The Butcher Shop for four years. She is Lagree Fitness, Spinning and Yoga ryt200- certified.

Alyssa’s teaching style is a fusion of firm and fun. Channeling her contagiously positive attitude and bubbly personality into her workouts, she places a great deal of focus on correct form and self-awareness of the mind and body. In Alyssa’s class, you are 100% guaranteed to vibe out to some stellar tunes, get your butt kicked, and walk out feeling refreshed and renewed.

When she isn’t at the studio, Alyssa enjoys soaking up the sun, staying active, and maintaining a balanced lifestyle. Having just moved to Orange County a year ago, she especially loves exploring her new home and meeting new faces!

Sunny Payne : Instructor

Sunny Payne


Born and raised in Southern California, Sunny comes to fitness with a background in professional dance. After graduating from UCLA with a Bachelor’s degree in World Arts and Cultures, she was cast and went on the road with the First National Tour, Los Angeles and San Francisco companies of the Tony Award winning musical: Wicked for 5 years. She has danced in various music videos, industrials, and live shows, has trained with and assisted top choreographers while living in Los Angeles and New York, and has an excellent understanding of the dance and entertainment industries on both coasts.

Fitness has always been a huge passion of hers, and upon moving back to Orange County, Sunny began training and instructing in various fitness methods including barre and pilates. Always looking for a new challenge, she found the Lagree method and was immediately hooked!
“I constantly want to be challenged. Growing and improving myself mentally and physically are key components in my life, and in this 50 minute class, you will experience both and I love that!”

Deana : Instructor



For as long as she can remember, Deana has been into health and fitness. It is her passion and she lives to share it.

Deana grew up playing soccer, dancing, and practicing weight training and martial arts. Her passion drove her to become National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM) and Spin Certified. She has even competed in a few fitness competitions.

Once she discovered the Lagree method it only took one class for her to know she had to share this method with everyone! So she quickly became an instructor.

Deana believes the mind-body connection is powerful and can change the way you live your life. If your fitness doesn't challenge you mentally and physically, it will not change you.

Stacey : Instructor



Stacey was born and raised in the city of Orange, where she currently resides with her husband and two kids. Stacey has been an athlete her entire life. Her best memories were made in the gymnasium where she played high school basketball and volleyball. Her talent and hard work paid off, as she received a volleyball scholarship to the University of Massachusetts Lowell.

Stacey graduated with a BS in Health Education and a minor in Nutrition. Her athleticism did not stop there. She became an avid indoor cyclist and runner. She has competed in a number of half marathons and a full marathon.

In 2014, after having two children, Stacey's sister introduced her to Lagree. She quickly became addicted to the workout, practicing six days a week (because seven would just be crazy). Stacey loves the total body workout and the high-intensity, low-impact training she gets from Lagree Fitness in The Haute Room. Lagree has helped her achieve a new level of endurance and performance in her other sports and activities.

Stacey's passion for the Lagree method does not go unnoticed in class. You will not only get your butt kicked in Stacey’s class, but you will have fun as well!

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