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Live with Kelly, The SLT Workout

Having been a personal trainer for over a decade I feel like I’ve tried almost every method under the sun. Lagree is like the Athlete’s selection of “best of” movements in Pliates and functional/stability training with a bit of resistance training and a WHOLE LOT OF SWEAT! The format is unique and fast paced enough to make one lose track of time. I was so busy enjoying the workout that I was a bit surprised when she called time and class was over. That’s powerful!

-Alida M. | Irvine, CA

Amazing facility, amazing trainers, amazing results! Absolutely addicted 🙂
The studio is gorgeous and clean. The staff is very welcoming and the music is always good. I’ve only been going 2x a week and I’m loving the results!

-Laura O. | Costa Mesa, CA

This place is so awesome. The workout is challenging but doable, even if you’e out of shape like me. I am so sore after each one, so I know I’m getting a great workout. The instructors are really nice and it’s not hard to get into classes. They take the time to help you with your form, especially if you’re a beginner.

-Kimberly R. | Tustin, CA

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