Three Essential Movements

Lagree’s Three Essential Movements

With Lagree, there is one method and hundreds of techniques.

Hundreds?! you ask. Do I have to learn hundreds of exercises?

Before you freak out, listen up. Lagree is NOT complicated. In fact, there are only three essential exercises, from which all other exercises flow. Once you master these three, the others will make sense and feel natural and intuitive.

The fact that there are so many exercises confirms the fact that you are getting a legit full-body workout every single time you hit The Haute Room. Plus, we like to keep things interesting around here.

Here are Lagree’s Three Essential Exercises you will master:

The Wheelbarrow Series

The Wheelbarrow is the most basic essential exercise for the upper body and trunk. Mastering The Wheelbarrow’s foundation, modifications, and variations will provide a solid base for all the upper body and trunk exercises.

All of the upper body and trunk exercises such as The Catfish, The Bear, and The Spoon originate from The Wheelbarrow.

The Scrambled Eggs Series

The Scrambled Eggs is an essential exercise for the obliques. The Scrambled Eggs is a core stabilizing exercise that serves as the foundation for other oblique and twisting exercises.

Once you learn the Scrambled Egg’s foundation, modifications, and variations you’ll be able to perform other exercises in the Scrambled Eggs series such as The Teaser, The French Twist, Kneeling Torso Twists, and more.

The Lunge Series

The Lunge is the most basic essential exercise for the lower body and is very easy to modify and vary. The Lunge will be the foundation of an effective and intense routine. The muscles of the lower body usually make up over half of the muscles in the entire body and therefore should make up at least half of a full-body routine.

The Lunge series will target the trunk as well as all the muscles in the lower body: gluteals, hamstrings, quads, hip flexors, and calves.

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