Why Men Hate Group Fitness Classes

Go into any group fitness class anywhere in the U.S. and you’ll most likely find far more women than men. Now, I’m sure there are some exceptions, but by and large, group fitness classes are predominantly female-led and female-attended.

This may have something to do with it:

(Disclaimer: This video may scar you for life. If it doesn’t, you may have a future in 1980s aerobics*.)

*Note: “A future in 1980s aerobics” is not a thing.

Even in 2016, as evolved as we have become as both humans and fitness enthusiasts, many guys don’t dare set foot in a group fitness class.

Note: We do realize we are generalizing here. If you’re a dude who has no problem with group fitness classes, then good for you! You should be a regular at The Haute Room.

Why Men Hate Group Fitness Classes

Hate is a strong word. But there are several potential reasons for why men don’t try group fitness classes:

The Women

Obviously we’re not saying men hate women. However, a group fitness class comprised of mostly women is a slightly different story. This setting could be intimidating for guys, either because they don’t want to look stupid trying to follow along with a smokin’ hot female right next to them, or because they just don’t want to be the only guy in a room full of women.

Oftentimes, the instructors are women as well. It’s not that guys can’t be led or inspired by a woman — we do believe most modern men are comfortable with strong, assertive women (this isn’t the 1950s, after all). However, the entire class just may feel a bit too feminine for the average man’s man, from the way the instructor talks to the group to the music selection and just the overall vibes.

The workout itself may even be tailored to a woman’s body. “Let’s get rid of those underarm wings!” or “No more muffin tops!” or “Come on! Don’t you want a tight booty?” You have to admit that even the most self-assured man, confident in his masculinity, would be a little put off by that. Especially when right outside the door are a bunch of dudes pointing the way to the “gun show”, silently judging the men who shamefully exit the group fitness room.

The Choreography

Many group fitness classes are dependent upon choreography. A lot of guys don’t feel comfortable with choreography, either because they just aren’t coordinated enough, or because the choreography is a little too frou-frou for their tastes.

Too Easy

Most of us are super busy and so we want to get the most bang for our buck when we work out. Nobody wants to walk out of the gym feeling like they just wasted an hour of their life. And since group fitness classes are popular with women, guys may feel like it’s just going to be too easy on them and, therefore, not worth their time.

When Guys DO Like Group Fitness Classes

Crossfit, spin, rowing, boxing, circuit training, and some styles of yoga are group fitness classes that men may be willing to try. When a guy does like a group fitness class, here are some reasons why:

  • They get a great workout
  • People tend to push themselves harder in groups, and when there’s an instructor
  • The classes don’t have feminine titles
  • There are other dudes present
  • They don’t feel singled out
  • They feel welcome

Why Lagree is Different

You won’t be forced to surrender your Man Card at The Haute Room.

Lagree Fitness was developed by a man, Sebastien Lagree, who happens to be an incredible fitness guru and trainer to many celebrities. This is not your mother’s workout. You’ll get an incredible workout in 50-minutes (or 25, if you do our Lunch Lagree classes), it’s a full-body, low-impact workout so it’s easy on the joints, and great for all fitness levels from beginnner to elite.

Workouts at The Haute Room are not targeted to men or women — only to bodies and minds who wish to get fitter, stronger, leaner, and more Haute!

It’s NOT Pilates.

The Megaformer M3S, which we use at The Haute Room, was inspired by the traditional Pilates Reformer, but is far superior. Lagree Fitness has been called “Pilates on crack” and the Megafomer is, more realistically, akin to a medieval torture device. (But it’s fun, we swear!)

No Choreography.

You don’t have to learn any fancy moves. Nothing girly or cheesy. Two left feet are welcome!

Badass Instructors.

We have both men and women instructors. The only qualifications are that 1) they’re Lagree fitness experts, 2) they’re great coaches who will push and challenge and motivate our members, and 3) they’re super badass. We are confident you’ll agree.

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